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Feb 2016
James Elliott
Feb 10 2016 17:39
All right, I have the Launchpad Mini mapping working. There are a couple niceties I would like to add, but tonight and (mostly) tomorrow evening I will work on the Launchpad Mk2, starting with the mini code since they are structurally so similar. Hopefully by the time yours arrives there will be a snapshot build that tries to support it, and we will just need to debug it.
Benjamin Gudehus
Feb 10 2016 17:50
My Launchpad arrived today. The USB-MIDI driver works on Linux.
James Elliott
Feb 10 2016 23:50
Ahead of schedule, wow! Ok, I don’t have anything ready yet but will start on the framework anyway. What MIDI port names show up for it under Linux? Do you have a checkout of Afterglow yet? If so, I’d be interested in what you see when you run lein repl from within that checkout, and evaluate (clojure.pprint/pprint (afterglow.midi/open-inputs-if-needed!)) with the Mk2 plugged in.