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Mar 2016
James Elliott
Mar 28 2016 01:52
Actually, @hastebrot , I just greatly changed the way all controller bindings work, so that Afterglow figures out what code to call based on the device identification response it gets back from MIDI, and you no longer need to know which namespace to load. I have been able to test it with all the other controllers I support, but I still lack a Launchpad Mk2. If you could test that the new instructions work for you with the latest 0.2.1-SNAPSHOT code in the next few days I would greatly appreciate it.
Benjamin Gudehus
Mar 28 2016 06:02
I'll have a look at it. :) Give me a day.
James Elliott
Mar 28 2016 19:43
Great, thanks. I have several days of documentation and screen shots and movies to capture, so there is time. I will be splitting the Launchpad (and Ableton Push and now Push 2) instructions into their own pages, so I will post an updated link here if the location changes before you get to it.
Here is an example of what the Afterglow interface on the new Push 2 controller’s color display looks like: