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May 2017
James Elliott
May 15 2017 03:45 UTC
Just looking at dbstruct.js now that I’ve been able to release CoreMidi4J 1.0, and starting to see the Kibble boundaries you identified, I can see there are going to be some great improvements to the packet analysis PDF! How would you like to be credited? :grin:
moritz bust
May 15 2017 09:49 UTC
@brunchboy, is it possible to use dysentery from java?
I guess this is probably a clojure related question rather than being related to dysentery.
James Elliott
May 15 2017 14:49 UTC
I am a little confused by the question, because dysentery is not something that you would use from a program, it is just a lab bench for interactively experimenting with the protocol. Once things get figured out, I implement them in a robust and documented way in beat-link, which is a Java library designed to be convenient to use from Java, Clojure, or any JVM-hosted language. What are you trying to do?
James Elliott
May 15 2017 14:59 UTC
(To answer your more abstract question, it is possible to write Clojure programs that are designed to be called from Java; you can implement specific interfaces and methods, and subclass objects using Clojure’s java interop features. I do that in afterglow-max which hosts Afterglow as a plugin for the Max visual music/signal processing environment. But Clojure that is not designed to be called from Java is awkward to use from Java, which is the main reason I wrote beat-link in ordinary Java, even though I find that so tedious and slow compared to Clojure these days. And dysentery is not designed to be called by anything.)