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May 2017
James Elliott
May 22 2017 00:48
Anyway, thanks for clarifying that. I will write some code to render bytes that way, and compare them to what I see on the CDJs, and hopefully that will help me figure out how far into the response the actual waveform data begins. First I am going to run another capture so I can see the details of the request, and figure out what I was doing wrong.
James Elliott
May 22 2017 02:44
Ah ha! I figured out while my CDJ was sending me an extra message and closing the connection when I tried requesting the waveform summary, @awwright. Based on the code in dbstruct.js, my Item2004 request had an empty Kibble14 as its fifth argument. But when I looked at the captures, I saw the CDJ saying there was such an argument, but never sending it. And I looked closer at the dbstruct.js code, and it turns out that empty blobs do not send any bytes. So it was the extra 14 00 00 00 00 bytes I was sending after what it expected that threw everything off. That is fixed now. But it seems very strange to me that the message header says there are four integer parameters followed by a blob, and then just never sends the blob. What a flakey protocol!
But I am definitely getting 900 bytes of waveform summary data, both in the capture, and when I request it in dysentery, which is three times as many as I need to draw 300 columns at one byte per column. I am confused by that! Are you sure you are only getting 300 yourself?
James Elliott
May 22 2017 03:11
Though now that the crashing is sorted out, I am going to put drawing waveforms aside for a bit and work on getting a real implementation of what I have already figured out details for. I have started updating the protocol analysis document to reflect this stuff, and you have a footnote. :smile: Oh! I discovered another itemTypeLabel as well, 0x08 means playlist. Would you like me to submit this sort of thing as pull requests to your project? (Does BitBucket have that feature, even?)
Moritz Bust
May 22 2017 23:06

@brunchboy, I started writing a bit. Please note that this article is still nothing more than a stub and is not supposed to be anything more than just a proof of concept. Also many of the key components I had in mind are not in there yet. Also it does not contain anything about overall organization and layout.

The whole idea is based around the concept that effects can be applied to many different scenarios and be easily shared.

Also I would like to apologize for any writing errors. English is not my native language and some typos might have sneaked in there.
The whole project basically is just me experimenting a bit at this point.
I will be expanding it a bit when I have time but since I am studying CS at the moment I do not have that much time.