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May 2017
Moritz Bust
May 23 2017 09:46
Tell me what you think...
Moritz Bust
May 23 2017 14:06
The idea was to implement the UI in Javascript, possibly using svg's for displaying the graphics.
So this might be interesting to you as well @awwright
James Elliott
May 23 2017 21:41
Sorry it took me a while to respond, things are very busy with an office move at my day job, but this does look like a great concept, very similar to the ideas which led me to write Afterglow. Have you ever worked with Processing or Max/MSP? They might offer you a nice environment for hosting your visual programming, without having to do all the hard work of creating that from scratch. I even built a plugin that lets people host Afterglow in Max/MSP,
I look forward to seeing where you take this! Would you like pull requests to help with typos when I have a little time? (They did not cause problems with understanding the meaning of your ideas, though!)
And I definitely plan to add an audio analysis input to Afterglow someday. I have investigated a few DSP libraries, but have been so busy with the Pioneer integration that I have not had spare time (in my spare time project) to pursue that in any depth.
Austin Wright
May 23 2017 23:01
@brunchboy One of my other favorite parts of the DBServer protocol is some of the fields for strings are proceeded by a "length" uint field -- even though the string type already includes the length into its encoding
Also, for generic DJ players besides Pioneer's stuff, even vinyl, I've wanted to integrate an audio ID algorithm so I can compute which track is playing and where in the track it is
which is pretty tricky, most audio ID algorithms don't match time stretch or anything that changes the pitch
One of my friends is working his dissertation on some sort of protocol that can recursively describe music, lighting or other sequences of data on a time domain (I hope I'm not getting that summary too wrong). And then it can predict into the future where it might go, so you can sync tracks with negative latency (i.e. into the future, generate lighting effects for what's anticipated 200ms out)
Austin Wright
May 23 2017 23:23
@brunchboy Also idk if you saw the Wireshark protocol definition I wrote, but that should be very helpful
I don't know how to do it for TCP protocols though, the UI overall doesn't seem to allow for it