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May 2017
James Elliott
May 24 2017 02:01
Your friend’s dissertation sounds amazing! It will be cool to see what comes of that. And yes, I saw the places where there is a number field containing the length of the (artist name, track title, album name), followed by the string field which starts with a length indicator and also is null terminated. Straight from the department of redundancy department! :wink: And yes, I did see your Wireshark script, but haven’t tried playing with it yet as I have been focused only on the TCP dbserver protocol so far. I have so much to implement based on what you shared, I am not getting enough sleep!
Austin Wright
May 24 2017 06:46
@brunchboy The USB/SD status doesn't just alternate between 4 and 6, it's actually showing the status of the lamp (on or off). Notice how related buttons on the CDJ and DJM blink synchronously.
Moritz Bust
May 24 2017 10:13
@brunchboy I wanted to develop such a graphics framework for another Project anyways and a Project like this is a good way to develop it while being able to easily test it, which would be way harder in the other project I want to use visual programming in.
I had closer looks at other frameworks before, but the problem that always emerged was that they are frameworks and that I need a library at most.
There also is noflojs ( for example, but it is way to complicated already. It compiles to javascript and basically is a programming language as is.
I gotta try your MAX/MSP Plugin though, it looks really interesting.
The key feature of the thing I want to develop is probably that it visualizes the data while it is running in the editor itself.
Moritz Bust
May 24 2017 11:43
Regarding Real time beat recognition...
I contacted the developer of BPMDJ ( and he stated that he would be interested in creating / providing a sophisticated java BPM Recognition library, since he only would have to make slight changes to his code for it to work in real time.