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Dec 2017
Joen Tolgraven
Dec 27 2017 16:01
Cheers! Yeah felt about time I said something, been overwhelmingly impressed with your project for a good while now, discovered it way back last year while I was looking for (foss) solutions for custom push2 stuff, but only past few months I've gotten to the point of realizing like, yeah this is it, this is the platform. Basically tore the example file down to something very minimal, reintroducing everything bit by bit, trying to not put stuff back until I actually know how and why it does what it does. Just really adore the quasi-repl workflow I get using Fireplace (too late for me to pick up emacs at this point haha, got a 3k LOC vimrc). But yeah got heaps of ideas and expect to make decent progress towards getting into the actual source in the coming months, at least if I manage to not get bogged down on firmware stuff. Fuuuck embedded programming seriously haha, even with OTA flashing and non-hardcoded mqtt-updatable params it's still like, the exact opposite of jumping around a file magically evaling on the fly.