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Feb 2018
James Elliott
Feb 18 2018 19:45
Oh… trying to share a Push 2 with Ableton running probably won’t work, you’re right, because Ableton has the Push display open, and that’s not something that can be shared like a MIDI port can. I don’t think Ableton has really thought about trying to allow user mode applications to directly write to the display.
When I was testing Push in Max was back before the Push 2 had come out, and was without Ableton Live in any case.
As for libmapper, I don’t know anything about it, I am afraid!
Joen Tolgraven
Feb 18 2018 19:57
Ah ok my bad. Tho I'm fairly sure I saw a (paid) lib and M4L projects using it that could share the screen and temporarily take over with like basically the clip note view ableton fomally implemented in live10
James Elliott
Feb 18 2018 20:00
If you can find an API that supports that, please let me know, and I will see about adding it to Wayang!