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Mar 2018
James Elliott
Mar 02 2018 03:11
Sounds like some cool progress! Do you have sample code I could port back to Wayang?
Joen Tolgraven
Mar 02 2018 15:12
Haven't gotten on it yet hehe. Started trying to figure out how to create a virtual port from clojure using coremidi4j but it's a bit over my head :/ but also realised probably nothing needs to be done to wayang actually, would be cleaner to keep the handle open I guess but bottleneck afa connecting to push isn't in wayang, but in the afterglow auto midi port scan.
Joen Tolgraven
Mar 02 2018 15:24
My chops are developing at a decent pace at least, cleaning up much of the repeated code from examples.clj so have for example a general make-osc-dimmer-cue instead of separate ones, and other stuff like that to make everything less configy/scriptish, has been doing wonders for my clojure skills :)