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Jun 2018
Jun 04 2018 15:27
hi! @brunchboy asked me what i'm doing with afterglow, and linked me here. currently i'm just experimenting and learning, but i plan on doing lightshows for a small band (and maybe some electronic acts too) with it. currently i use QLC+, before that i used dmxcontrol, but i always had this idea of writing a live coding lighting controller, i had experimented with some simple effects using python and the ola api. at some point i stumbled across this project and thought, wow, thats exactly what i was looking for. but i have no background in clojure, so i'm currently learning that aswell, maybe i'll be able to contribute in the future.
James Elliott
Jun 04 2018 19:56
Thanks @NHGmaniac and welcome! I’m happy to answer any questions you might run into, and am glad to have a reason to poke around a bit in afterglow again. I have been pulled into side projects like Beat Link Trigger for a while (although I am not complaining because that got me put on the guest list for the Ever After music festival near Toronto this coming weekend, and backstage passes to meet some producers and artists who have been using it! :grinning: ) With any luck I may be able to interest someone in that space to experiment with afterglow as well.