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Jun 2018
Joen Tolgraven
Jun 08 2018 00:20 UTC

As for me, almost no clj/afterglow past few months :( full focus on making my device/firmware design proper robust and modular/IO agnostic, with it its own lil rendering loop of adjustable effects working incoming pixel data...
Still all about using afterglow as a hub: running trad fixtures, providing ctrl data for the strips, interfacing with Max<->Live for sequencing etc.
But scaling up, animation data is simply (and unsurprisingly) better sourced from existing, purpose-built and performance-optimised tools - jitter, madmapper, whatnot.

But since I’m not a real programmer, just trying to become one (soon enough, if I can keep up my current learning curve), last having used c++ way back in high school... the finer points of it are proving... tricky ;) Still, cool shit in the pipe for sure.

Point of spiel: @James could I maybe catch you on skype some time? Got lots of questions and something of a pitch for you.

Sorry @brunchboy lol
James Elliott
Jun 08 2018 01:30 UTC
Hey, @tolgraven thanks so much for helping out, your answers had already steered @NHGmaniac in the right direction before I even was notified that there was discussion happening here! We can try to figure out a Skype session sometime, but we’ll have to schedule it because I only use the application every couple of years. It will have to be after this weekend, though, because I am about to travel to Canada for the music festival where I’m meeting some of my most creative and enthusiastic users of Beat Link Trigger, and will be able to see how they use it in production and get new ideas. :grinning:
Joen Tolgraven
Jun 08 2018 01:39 UTC
Fair play! And very glad to hear you’re getting (much well-deserved I was gonna say, but that would be an almost criminal understatement haha) user uptake for other open source projects :) sorta begs the question tho, if you yourself barely use afterglow, and it must’ve been a given it’d always be very niche, how did you find the time and energy to make it so complete and incredibly polished?
James Elliott
Jun 08 2018 16:32 UTC
Thanks so much! I’m confined to my phone for the next few days so I’ll write less, but I’m delighted that you have looked deeply enough into afterglow to see such details, and that you feel this way. It is a project that perfectly combined many of my passions and obsessions, and even though life is too busy right now for us to find and stage the kind of gigs that would benefit from it while working full time in my challenging and interesting day job, I do hope to someday connect with a lighting designer and venue who is willing to experiment with this approach and collaborate on taking it further.
Jun 08 2018 22:40 UTC
I'm now running my first lightshow with afterglow (and qlc+ as backup). thanks to your help i was able to get going relatively quickly - and i really like the live coding aspect of it, its just some much fun! thanks for creating something awesome :)
it's just a very small act, and it was a spontaneus decision, but it's a lot of fun