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Aug 2018
Joen Tolgraven
Aug 31 2018 00:21
so instead of a massive raw vector of maps for each damn cue it's maybe like :variables (cue-vars :beats :cycles "blue" (alter-start :fraction 0.3) (make-var ["spread" 0 -45 45] :centered true)). Also visualising lfos in color-fn, and other stuff to make things purrdy.
James Elliott
Aug 31 2018 15:02
This is very exciting, Joen, I am so glad that you are making such progress in exploring afterglow! I am extremely busy right now trying to finish of a major new feature in Beat Link Trigger, which will allow people to synchronize Pioneer CDJs to other music being played by any application or device that supports the Ableton Link protocol, so I don’t know when I will be able to focus in depth on this, but could I suggest you try writing up your new helper functions as pages on the afterglow Wiki and then as I do have time I can see about helping organize them and pull them into the actual source? As you noted, many of my existing examples are bizarre, complex, and really useful only to me as I was shaking out features in the core engine, so this sounds like it will be a great help in making it more broadly useful and accessible. Thank you so much!