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Apr 2015
Brent Scheibelhut
Apr 20 2015 23:35
So I went a bit crazy, and used a Heroku button to kickstart the project.
It uses like a a ton of tech I haven't played around with yet
and obviously you haven't either
so it's kinda like jumping in off the deepend
but sometimes that's the best way
It uses coffeescript for the initial setup - but I find CS dumb (at least for now) so we'll just leave the CS as is and creating new files with JS
CS is just a pre-processor of Javascript
haven't added D3 yet
just check out the layout and see stuff
try to get it running
follow the readme
Brent Scheibelhut
Apr 20 2015 23:40
ask me any question. I'm quite familiar w/ the tech and what it does but haven't yet nailed down coding it