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Apr 2015
Will Bradbeer
Apr 22 2015 01:46 UTC
Ok so tried to follow read me instructions but didn't work exactly as planned
Not sure if these are me just not knowing enough about it or missed steps
Couldn't just do npm install and bower install
so I download an installer for node that came with npm then ran npm install -g bower
then I tried to rerun npm install and bower install
came up with errors as empty
I assume I need to download some of the files from the repo then run those?
Ran npm install -g coffeescript no problem
Will Bradbeer
Apr 22 2015 01:52 UTC
tried /gulp didnt work so then npm installed it
still doesnt work I am assuming because I havent installed your files
Is it package that I use
Will Bradbeer
Apr 22 2015 01:58 UTC
just gitbashed in local repo folder and ran npm install
got some peer dependency issues but worked
bower worked too
Will Bradbeer
Apr 22 2015 02:05 UTC
gulp worked
im in
In hindsight all my issues seem obvious. I think your instructions are good for someone with experience using packages.
Brent Scheibelhut
Apr 22 2015 14:15 UTC
Yah I would have typed you a story, but my hands not great
So yes npm install runs of the package.json file in the project folder
as well as bower install which runs of the bower.json file
Btw you can use github markdown in gitter
Check this out
or if I wanted to use markdown check it here
just made the link pretty
Anyway nice job
ask me any question about the layout, it's just a starter pack from a
so I didn't write all of it
but I did add a linter and travis CI
Will Bradbeer
Apr 22 2015 15:58 UTC
Anyway nice job
-Brent Scheiblehut

As a best practice do you work on the file right out of your github directory? When I was doing the python project I worked on it on a seperate folder, copy and pasted it into another folder with data to test it and then dropped it into github folder when I wanted to commit. It felt pretty wrong.
Brent Scheibelhut
Apr 22 2015 16:17 UTC
I'm not entirely sure of the workflow you just said
but you should have cloned the directory w/ git clone
and then you should have the folder on your computer
which you can then work out of
while also (for windows) having git bash open to that folder
and when you want to commit things go git add -A
then git commit -m "Message"
or if you want to discard changes just got git checkout <filetodiscard>
or if you want to discard all changes then do git checkout -- .
this would all be done under the directory of the folder on your HD (navigate there via git bash)
if you want to push just do git push
if you created a new branch and want to push it to github (this will be a lot)
then you do what I just said (commit stuff)
then to push the branch do git push -u <remotename> <branchname>
and sorry whenever you do git push you have to include the remote at the end
usually I have two remotes
one named github and the other heroku
Brent Scheibelhut
Apr 22 2015 16:22 UTC
they point to the obvious
you should have one named origin, you can rename that to github
btw also if you didn't clone via ssh then you'll have to enter your username and password everytime you push
so change the remote via git remote <remotename> set-url <ssh-url>
but your doing this all on your local machine
don't touch the github storage stuff
unless its a minor change (github storage being the repo online at github)