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Apr 2015
Brent Scheibelhut
Apr 28 2015 15:23
So essentially I finished off the essentials
You can run it just by pulling down master and running gulp
you'll get some linter error
but don't worry too much about those
I've made them pretty strict
it's from Airbnb's style guide
I'll explain everything too you when you get back. Too difficult to do over typing
but essentially all the files you'd ever need are being bundled together, so nvd3, d3, c3 are all loaded on the page
just try adding some shit to the index.html file under layouts
On the react note
I think that may be a bit much for now, and if we do shy away from it I can optimize the build even more
Brent Scheibelhut
Apr 28 2015 15:28
I'm thinking of bring in a templating engine if I don't use react