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Repo info
    Ryan Warner
    do we have to include angular-global-injector as a dependency to our app? I keep getting Unknown provider: _Provider <- _ <- HomeController despite including script tags in the correct order.
    Ben Tesser
    you have to include 'globals' as a dependency. I guess I forgot to mention that in the docs
    so angular.module('myapp', ['globals'])
    Ryan Warner
    that makes sense, thank you! I will try this and report back
    it works
    Ryan Warner
    when i include globals as a module dependency, I don't even need to include the name of the 3rd party library in my controller
    Ben Tesser
    That's a bit odd, but good to here. I've been making a plunkr example to make it easier to get started with. Also I'd appreciate any feedback or issues because I don't have a ton of user's yet and I'd love for the project to grow :)
    Ivailo Stoianov
    Wohoa, time to revive this.
    I get the Unknown provider error even tho I have the globals as dependency. Weird, eh?
    B. Rach
    this might be a silly question (for a beta), but what's the best beta release to be using currently?
    er... most reliably functioning
    David Brown
    Can I safely assume the project is no longer maintained?