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Jan 2016
Sebastian Jennen
Jan 10 2016 15:55
how would you like to mark extended formula icons? what do you think about the plus or an "E" for extended, or a completely different rendered icon?
Krzysztof Marczak
Jan 10 2016 15:57
I'm not sure if we keep that extended formulas. But I think better would be +
Jan 10 2016 22:31
@buddhi1980 My current thoughts are that extended formulas will eventually be removed .
Mandelbox _ ext I need to code one more Mbox formula then it can be removed
Keep hitting enter instead of shift enter
Mandebulb ext and mandelbulbBeta 6 can almost be deleted
Menger can almost be deleted
Quaternion needs a lot of 4D coding to be done
Bensesi need to be chopped into two ..
Jan 10 2016 22:37
But they are all good at the moment as they have some color controls
It comes down to how I allocate my time. I would rather finish coding all the transforming formulas and new formulas before looking at the extended formulas