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Mar 2016
Krzysztof Marczak
Mar 14 2016 09:02
I have also tried to compile epenexr in many ways and always got the same result. As I read on many forums, this library is not prepared for mingw at all. So today I will start packaging.
Krzysztof Marczak
Mar 14 2016 17:45
install sl package and type sl in terminal :)
Sebastian Jennen
Mar 14 2016 17:50
:P thats crazy
Mar 14 2016 18:59
Hi, I am not not sure but please check this link, can't you use pre-built libs?
Includes pre-compiled static libs for OpenEXR
Maybe I am wrong.
Krzysztof Marczak
Mar 14 2016 19:12
Thnaks for this hint. I need to check it. I suppose that libraries will not work until we use newer version on mingw (we use gcc 5.3, but that libraries were compiled with gcc 4.9).
By the way we decided to release 2.07 without EXR for Windows, just not to delay release too much. If we find way to compile EXR properly, we can release 2.07-1 with EXR support
Actually we are trying to do cross-compilation under Linux. When I have free time I will try to compile libraries and program under Windows.