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Jul 2016
Jul 22 2016 02:41
Errata corrige: The file size is not a problem at all but something went wrong back in June, between the first or the second day of the month. A specific commit causing the hitch must be found, 004d72a77282488fced786ec0bb6c299d893e36c is still ok while 9df40919b4ad4c0b2d5fb6ab68a46d4a06193a8b is not.
Jul 22 2016 03:08
eaa213b915b2cd7b6a8b917dfcdfb3fc193ec2de is fine as well. I am using Qt5.7.0.
Jul 22 2016 03:44
@bermarte double DEFuran(CVector3 pos) {
CVector3 p=pos;
CVector3 fur;
return function(fur);
is that what Buddhi wanted, that you posted here on Jan 04 2016
Jul 22 2016 12:13
@mclarekin Yes, but one needs also function's declaration, i.e. function(fur), and other bits. @/all A problem occurs between buddhi1980/mandelbulber2@6ced14d (ok) and the next commit buddhi1980/mandelbulber2@9df4091 (fault).
Sebastian Jennen
Jul 22 2016 13:21
Hi bermarte, commit looks OK to me, can you provide THe Compiler error?
Jul 22 2016 15:07
@zebastian Hi Sebastian, there's no compiler's error.
Jul 22 2016 15:23
@zebastian I am using clang-503.0.40 and Xcode 5.1.1, is successfully compiled, but there's a runtime error.
Sebastian Jennen
Jul 22 2016 15:52
I see, can you Start The Programm with a Debugger? this way we can get THW line and cause for THW crash.
Jul 22 2016 16:59

@zebastian LLdb says that

"It's not valid Mandelbulber settings file. Wrong header
Process 3727 stopped

  • thread #1: tid = 0x1c03, 0x00000001000cf858 mandelbulber2cMaterialItemView::paintEvent(this=0x000000010bad61a0) + 216 at material_item_view.cpp:163, stop reason = EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x0) frame #0: 0x00000001000cf858 mandelbulber2cMaterialItemView::paintEvent(this=0x000000010bad61a0) + 216 at material_item_view.cpp:163
    161 for (int r = 0; r < model()->rowCount(); r++)
    162 {
    -> 163 QString name = model()->headerData(r, Qt::Horizontal).toString();
    164 int x = r * (cMaterialWidget::previewWidth + iconMargin) + iconMargin - horizontalOffset();
    166 painter.drawText( QRect(x,"

The runtime error disappears removing lines 161 to 172.