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Jul 2016
Krzysztof Marczak
Jul 23 2016 17:41
Hi. I have returned from vacation. I see that happened a lot! I need to reply all emails and FF posts.
@mclarekin I have took several photos of stone walls when I visisted old Choinik castle (XIV century), so you will get nice textures.
Jul 23 2016 19:59
I'm about to upload a dmg file (;
Krzysztof Marczak
Jul 23 2016 20:00
Hi @bermate. Have you finally found the bug? If not I'm going to look at it tomorrow.
Krzysztof Marczak
Jul 23 2016 21:06
Thank you @bermarte for new OSX release
Jul 23 2016 21:09
@buddhi1980 macs don't like that specific model()->rowCount() and that model()->headerData(...)
Sebastian Jennen
Jul 23 2016 21:56
hi krzysztof, welcome back!
I made some changes to the code and the file structure, please let me know if you want anything changed about that. BTW in undo.h the extern ... should be inside the ifndef define ...
and #endif pragma, am i right?
Jul 23 2016 23:57
@buddhi1980 Choinik castle (XIV century) cool. When you have time drop them in the dropbox