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Jul 2017
Valera Rozuvan
Jul 03 2017 13:43
Hi guys! Awesome project you have here.
Quick question - why use MS Visual Studio instead of MinGW-64-bit?
Would you guys be interested in a CMake build with MinGW-64-bit for Windows?
Valera Rozuvan
Jul 03 2017 14:02
I guess if we can make CMake build on WIndows with MinGW-64-bit reliable - can we abandon the MS Visual Studio solution?
Krzysztof Marczak
Jul 03 2017 16:37
I use MinGW64 (cross-compiler under Linux). All releases are compiled with it. MSVC solution files are for people who like to program under Windows. In mandelbulber2/mandelbulber2/deploy/ there are scripts which we use for cross-compilation.