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Jul 2017
Sebastian Jennen
Jul 20 2017 16:25
just pulled and recompiled current git state. The new tile rendering scheduler is hot, great work krzysztof!
Jul 20 2017 17:49
A new tile render scheduler?
Dont have the time to look at the code. Can u give me some some details
Krzysztof Marczak
Jul 20 2017 18:04
Rendering by tiles is much more effective
When opencl workgroup gets whole line of image to render then variety of fractal areas is much bigger than in smaller rectangle. Fo example all pixels are on the fractal or all are on background.
Krzysztof Marczak
Jul 20 2017 18:09
GPU doesn't provide threads like CPU. All parallel jobs execute the same line of code but with different data. If one of jobs have different result of condition than another jobs, then have to wait.
So if all parallel jobs has almost the same to do, then it's faster