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Jul 2017
Jul 25 2017 10:55
@Starmute You can check it out.

Alpha 4: to make it run on OS X (otherwise the app will crash, both with GPU and CPU rendering) I had to do really minor things (but I have tried other things as well before):
line 64: for (float r = 1.0f; r < quality; r += 1.0f)//add f to the second 1.0
line 153: distThresh = max(1e-6f, distThresh);//add f
line 209: distThresh = max(1e-6f, distThresh);//add f
240: scan = 1e20f;//add f

fast engine:
99: distThresh = max(1e-6f, distThresh);//add f
151: distThresh = max(1e-6f, distThresh);//add f
178: float glow = count / 500.0f * consts->params.DEFactor;//add f

I am quite happy with the response. I have tried using alpha5 and the app keeps crashing (but I have already tried to fix all the floats, dunno where is the problem) and I don't know how to fix it at the moment. Could somebody have a look to it (but I am referring only to the 'engines' part) and check if the 'f' suffix is present for all the floats? It would great to have a corrected copy to see if it works then.
Maybe there's another quicker solution, but is there?

Jul 25 2017 15:33
great job bermarte, I will check it out soon!
Btw, is there any way you might add a way to block clients that are not running genuine mandelbulber (i.e. do not send anything if the client improperly identifies itself?)
I've been detecting strange clients since I port forwarded my mandelbulber server.
Jul 25 2017 15:52
The invalid client is actually preventing one of my good clients from rendering (it takes up a spot).
Sebastian Jennen
Jul 25 2017 17:32
@Starmute having friends in romania? :-D
In general mandelbulber is meant to be used in LANs, since it has no security considerations whatsoever.
Yet still strange, how the client managed to establish the connection (what is he scanning for on this port?) I will file an issue on github, but this has a low prio,
For the mean time you can prevent the traffic on another level (prevent the incoming traffic on your server machine or better even on your router)
Sebastian Jennen
Jul 25 2017 17:38
most consumer routers have a security area on their web admin page. For me it is:
Menu > Advanced > Security > Ip and Port filter
Just add the IP to block for all ports, this should do the trick