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Sep 2017
Sep 13 2017 23:47

after some time of absence (new job, new home etc) i t team up with lachs0r to optimize the build process

the first step was to build the linux binaries with gitlab-ci

the whole mandelbulber team is invited to use this gitlab instance!
my personal goal (just for fun) is to provide builds, packages and a signed repository for linux/bsd/win(32/64)

after my success providing automated mandelbulber2-headless images there is time to improve the build time of the docker images

is there some interest to join this thing?

today i did a first build (ubuntu:trusty target) on gitlab-ci

i have to provide a deb repo in my job in near future

mandelbulber with its (2, 3 or 4? seperated buildbots) is the thing i need to "master"