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Sep 2017
Sebastian Jennen
Sep 19 2017 06:53
just tested latest appveyor build:
works with win10 / AMD card with and without spaces in path
tested with radean windows driver 17.1.1
Sep 19 2017 08:51
we should set travis to only build from master branch
Krzysztof Marczak
Sep 19 2017 18:05
That's great it works on AMD properly. But now doens't work on nVidia with spaces. We are very close to the finall solution. I will correct the code to work again with nVidia with keeping code for AMD
Krzysztof Marczak
Sep 19 2017 18:18
Code corrected. I have tested it with nVidia and now works properly. @zebastian , try again with AMD. I hope it's finall version.
Exe is in Dropbox/Sebastian-Krzysztof-Graeme-Robert/mandelbulber opencl for testing/
Sep 19 2017 23:23
Same include headers problem with win10 AMD