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Mar 2018
Mar 29 2018 21:06
I was wondering for the soundtrack feature
Is it possible to add multiple soundtracks and each of them influence a different variable of mandelbulber
Like for example I have a music project, I render the bass line in a mp3 file and the piano on a separated mp3 file
And then I link the bass line to X power in mandelbrot
And the piano to Y power in mandelbulber*
It would make the trippiest music visualizer
Also I can't wait for a windows build with GPU render & Colors :D
Mar 29 2018 22:41
yep bux 42, that is the what is real cool, i.e. each percussion instrument track can have its own parameter (look in the Mandelbulber manual at audio animation section). This is one of most coolest features in Mandelbulber and has huge potential. Eventually I plan to evaluate some new options for audio animation. If you have accesss to unmixed individual instrument tracks, you can have a lot of fun
This is an example of audio animation