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Nov 2018
Nov 01 2018 04:06
@luchansky I will try and see if i can get anything better than 256 on my AMD.
On my nVidia m960x I can get 512 on the menger preset, if i try adding in a bit more code it drops to 384, and often I am working at 256
Nov 01 2018 04:07
Thanks buddy!
Nov 01 2018 04:07
^^ it's same person, different github account, lol
Nov 01 2018 04:08
@TasMania17 What is more useful is building in debug mode in QT, then you can supply a backtrace file.
Nov 01 2018 22:10
Thanks mclarekin I will turn-on debug mode on my next build.
Nov 01 2018 22:15
@Starmute Unable to dual boot into win10 since latest Ubuntu updates, so currently cannot test :(
but can increase up to 768 workgroup on my nVidia 960m if i use fast mode