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Dec 2018
Dec 09 2018 02:53 UTC
@Bux42 the new navigation tools are cool. If you download is a few days i might have fixed my new formula openCL problems
Dec 09 2018 02:59 UTC
@bytered image adjustments tab, at the bottom is coordinate system like in mandebulberv1.21. Enable that and see what you get when you load old v1.11 settings. If they are not the same, well, that is when the fun begins:)
Krzysztof Marczak
Dec 09 2018 07:23 UTC
To load old files you need to use option from top menu: File/Import settings from old Mandelbulber
There is no guaranty that the image will look the same like in old program but with small corrections of effects should be all right.