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Repo info
    Anil Franklin
    any luck??
    Camilo Aguilar
    @naitik211, from the output it seems you are missing python in your system
    Marty McLaughlan

    Hi Guys - I'm having a lot of problems getting this to install on some of my environments.

    Can any suggest alternative packages?

    Jean-Philippe Gravel
    Marty McLaughlan
    @formix Worked perfectly cheers - I owe you a beer
    ĸrezzy ғella
    Hi guys, I am to Angular 2 and trying to install xml2json using npm. but I am not able to install it bcoz of python dependency. Can i just download zip from git hub and include it inside node_module folder? which all place i need to give a reference for dowloaded xml2json zip
    Il-Hwan Ryu
    oh this is very interesting
    Ben Hartouz Mohamed
    i have an issue with this package
    some one can help me ?
    Himanshu sharma
    I don't know why you use python , c for json parsing . It can be done by js code as well as
    But you will say we use node-expat which use libexpact lib , which is fastest to parse json . What about just using js to maipulate so .
    I perfer https://www.npmjs.com/package/xmljson over your repo now .
    Edmundo Rubio
    How Can I use this package in a React.js Component??
    Eumir Gaspar
    @Edxael what have you tried so far? shouldn't it just be a simple require?
    Ioannis Noukakis
    Hey guys. A link on your documentation has been compromised and now redirects to fishing websites: http://node-xmpp.org/doc/expat.html#installing-on-windows? Anyone to confirm this?
    A parse error occurs.
    The options remain default.
    Specifically, it occurs when returning the XML of RSS of "Ginco Magazin (https://magazine.ginco.io/index.xml)" to JSON.
    Is there any solution .....?
    Stephen Hendricks
    i attempted to install xml2json and im getting errors from node-gyp and saying something about python
    Does this package depend on python?
    Joshua V Sherman
    @z1haze yes you need to have gcc and python on your linux distro
    I submitted this to stack overflow last week, but nobody has responded, anyone know how to fix please? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61682388/using-test-data-xml-to-run-xml2json-for-unit-testing-produces-an-error-in-the-co

    Hi Team,
    While running security check on xml2json 0.12.0 .. i found one vulnerable dependency of hoek .
    ˪xml2json : 0.12.0
    WARN: ˪joi : 13.7.0
    WARN: ˪hoek : 5.0.4

    Any idea how i can fix it

    Nicolas DANIEL

    can someone could correct the typo in the readme
    Default values:

    var options = {
    object: false,
    reversible: false,
    coerce: false,
    sanitize: true,
    trim: true,
    arrayNotation: false
    alternateTextNode: false
    a comma is missing after arrayNotation: false

    can anyone send me node_module zip for xml2json
    i'm ussing this npm but facing issue when creating webpack using this npm