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Jan 2016
Jan 17 2016 13:15
I've been using visual studio code to set a breakpoint before connecting and inspecting the details section for the auth code
which seems to work
Jan 17 2016 20:33
Hey, I used to have a custom bot for my website would there be a way of using my old bot but with the 2FA?
Jan 17 2016 20:40
Also when I try doing npm install steamcommunity I get an error -bash: npm: command not found, I am using Centos 6 64bit.
Jan 17 2016 21:46
Probably you should to install npm firstly.
The best way to upgrade bot is rewrite it using DoctorMcKay libraries.
Jan 17 2016 21:47
I forgot how to install npm on a Centos server :/
Jan 17 2016 23:39
hey I am very new to the jackpot scene and I have no idea how to get a bot, any help you guys can offer? would be very much appreaciated