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Mar 2015
Mohsen Azimi
Mar 15 2015 00:31 UTC
If forms-s wants to inherit from HTMLFormElement then it should be translucent and that means we should decide where we inject generated form element. This also means we shouldn’t wrap generated elements inside a <form> tag.
For example user might use a syntax like this:
<forms-js schema=“{…}” target=“/“ method=“post”>
    <button type=“submit”>Submit</button>
Brian Vaughn
Mar 15 2015 06:33 UTC
To a degree, I think this is up to the web component wrapper. I think there will be a Forms JS form object (that holds a Strings instance, a validations schema, (optionally) a view schema, etc... but that doesn't necessary have to be correlated with a DOM element. It probably will for Angular, and maybe the web components, but... it doesn't have to