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Apr 2015
Mohsen Azimi
Apr 04 2015 15:31 UTC
Brian ignore my previous quetsion. I misunderstood something in there
Brian Vaughn
Apr 04 2015 15:32 UTC
Okay. No worries. Let me know if you want to chat about it over Hangout or something this weekend.
I learned a valuable lesson about TypeScript, Angular directives, and ngAnnotate last night. Essentially, you need to /* @ngInject */ tag your directive link and controller functions or they will not be annotated and will cause problems with strict-di.
Brian Vaughn
Apr 04 2015 23:03 UTC
Any progress updates on the Angular 1x branch work David? Should I go ahead and merge my radio/checbox/material stuff in?
I'm going to assume it's safe, do it, and ask forgiveness later if anyone objects.
I'm worried as a whole this group is losing a bit of steam. Maybe we should take a poll to see if we're all still interested in moving forward or if anything has changed since we initially spoke? :)