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Apr 2015
Brian Vaughn
Apr 17 2015 04:01
I've been thinking...a little...about potentially refactoring Forms JS a small bit, after learning more about Angular 2's control/control-group structure.
Thinking about perhaps mimicking that structure a little more. Not sure. Still just loose thoughts atm.
Mohsen Azimi
Apr 17 2015 04:32
I liked composibility of Angular 2 forms very much. I think it’s a good idea
Mark Chapman
Apr 17 2015 18:28
It seems like starting working on an Angular 2 adaptor will make sense shortly - is this the right time to start planning a hangout? If so am I OK to assume weekday evening CET / early lunch PT?
Brian Vaughn
Apr 17 2015 22:37
May be a bit too soon to move on the Angular 2 adaptor (at least that's my take away from the meetup- Mohsen may think differently?) but I was encouraged overall. And it gave me some ideas for things to try in the base library.
I'm also moving this weekend so my availability with be less than the norm.