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Timothy J Laurent
must be a babel issue but couldn't find any debug errors
Someone posted a jsbin a few weeks ago: http://jsbin.com/hukofudule/1/edit?html,js,output
Maybe try plugging your code into that?
Timothy J Laurent
Thanks for the idea @jpollard-cs -- It looks like the console output for JSbin raises the errors better. I'll give that a shot.
Brian Vaughn

@/all It's been about 2 months since email notifications stopped working for Gitter. I've tried reaching out to them on Twitter with no success. There's an open Github issue as well but it isn't being updated. This makes it too difficult for me to keep up with questions since I don't hang out in the chat room all day. @jpollard-cs has picked up a lot of the slack- (which is fantastic!)- but it isn't sustainable to require someone to always be in the channel in order to get notifications- so we are moving to Slack.

I'll leave the Gitter channel around for whoever likes it but the official channel (the one I'll be monitoring) will be at Slack: https://slackin-ucxxtydvmw.now.sh/

Hope to see some of you there. :)
Vasiliy Yorkin
hey guys!
I’ve built a custom multigrid for the current project I’m working on
but I’m experiencing some lags with ScrollSync component
I mean there is a noticable time lag between scrolling events
is there any way to make this sticky column on the left respond to onScroll event faster?
@vyorkin please post in the slack channel
Alessandro Cataldi
Hi everybody, I'm trying to use the collection element to mimic the following behavior:
It's basically a grid that, when resized, recomputes its number of columns as the width of the element / the width of the single item.
Horizontal scrollbars should never appear, since the number of columns is computed to fit the appropriate number of items.
Any directions on how I can achieve that? Thx!
Hi guys, so I just forked react-virtualized repo, and npm install was throwing this error, any ideas why?
node: v6.9.4
npm: v3.10.10
resolve failed:  { Error: Cannot find module 'q-io'
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:469:15)
    at Function.requireRelative.resolve (/Users/shan/Repos/sandbox/custom-react-virtualized/node_modules/require-relative/index.js:30:17)
    at resolve (/Users/shan/Repos/sandbox/custom-react-virtualized/node_modules/modify-babel-preset/lib/serialize.js:25:26)
    at findAndRemove (/Users/shan/Repos/sandbox/custom-react-virtualized/node_modules/modify-babel-preset/lib/serialize.js:67:11)
    at /Users/shan/Repos/sandbox/custom-react-virtualized/node_modules/modify-babel-preset/lib/serialize.js:111:13
    at Array.map (native)
    at loadPreset (/Users/shan/Repos/sandbox/custom-react-virtualized/node_modules/modify-babel-preset/lib/serialize.js:103:29)
    at module.exports (/Users/shan/Repos/sandbox/custom-react-virtualized/node_modules/modify-babel-preset/index.js:97:19)
    at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/shan/Repos/sandbox/custom-react-virtualized/node_modules/babel-preset-es2015-rollup/index.js:3:18)
    at Module._compile (module.js:570:32) code: 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND' } q-io
I tried npm cache clean & npm install q-io --save, didn't really work
is my node version not compatible or something?
hi everyone, i'm a big fan of react-virtualized and i was wondering if there is a way to implement smooth scrolling while using scrollToIndex prop of the List component ? (i'm using this component hierarchy InfiniteLoader > AutoSizer > List)
Maik Marschner
hi everyone :wave:
Hello please go to the slack channel if you have questions this gitter is dead
See project readme for link
Ben Edelstein
I'm having an issue where, occasionally when I call recomputeRowHeights() on List, it triggers an error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'recomputeGridSize' of null. Since I haven't been able to reproduce locally, I'm not sure exactly what is causing it. Has anyone else seen this same issue?
Please post in the slack channel this gitter is no longer in use

Hi all.

Is there any example of how to create Table component with columns width based on it cells content?
It seems like CellMeasurer can only work with Grid and List components...

I am having a requirement of collapsing/expanding rows and columns at multiple levels on a grid. Just wanted to know if there are ways to achieve that using react-virtualized?
I mean along with other grid features like other features like multi grid
@_cloudo_twitter @thecodejack this channel is dead please go to the associated Slack channel (see project readme for link)
Hi, a quick question how should I handle the case when, in an InfiniteScroll component my initial load has few rows and there is no scroll space available to trigger loadMoreRows
@AJShippify post in the slack channel (see above)
Peter Hiža
Hi, sorry for duplicate question, surely there has been one already... what are the ways to implement animation while scrolling? e.g. I have implemented Collection which looks like a grid (more easier for me was to use collection cause i have data in array of objects already... so no good for Grid)
only mention of animation is in Masonry but no examples and not further mentioned at all
I would like to have simple transition while vertically scrolling... is it possible somehow?
Ian VanSchooten
Thomas Davis
Trying to trigger rowRenderer to re-execute using List
but forceUpdateGrid() don't do anything
Gajus Kuizinas
Which are the correct components to use to create a multiple column grid?
Ian VanSchooten
@gajus This channel is not monitored, Brian and most of the others have moved to slack.
can someone help me setup InfiniteLoader with react-redux. List items are stored in redux state. I'm having scroll issues.
this happens automatically
Ilya Zabrodsky
Hi! Can someone suggest how to implement next
Untitled Diagram.jpg
Ilya Zabrodsky
the main problem is separator
Ian VanSchooten
We did something like this, and our general approach was to treat the seperators as a row, give them a type, and then in the render function check that type to determine how to render it. Granted, this was a list and not a grid though, so YMMV.
Ian Chipperfield

Hi all! Does anyone have knowledge of how to increase the scroll width of a Collection (I think it may be determined by the rightmost cell?)

I am trying to synchronize LTR scrolling on several collections but I need to ensure they have the same underlying scroll width (ie. the each scroll container's width is set to the right-most cell of all the collections)


Hi everyone, could someone explain to me the following:

  1. Where does the data come from for the list? Where is the entry point? Is it "context" ?

  2. Where does the actual "sorting" happen? I can't seem to grasp it quite right.



Ian VanSchooten
@AO17 you’re better off asking at the Slack channel, this is not really monitored anymore.
Hi all... I am new to react-virtualized.. I am using react-virtualized table and trying to disable row which includes button cell based on some condition.. How do I accomplish this.. Thanks in advance
Hi! I was wondering if there's a way to tell Grid how many off-screen (or out of window) elements to keep while scrolling. I have a very long list and a tall header on top. The header is slightly translucent so you can see the elements that have been scrolled past. Basically it would work like overscanRowCount, but in the opposite direction.
I don't mind implementing it and making a pull request if the answer is no. Although, I haven't looked at the code too closely yet, so not sure how trivial or non-trivial it would be to implement.