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@menikhilpandey : I'm just guessing: https://reactjs.org/docs/refs-and-the-dom.html
Does anyone have a solution for this issue bvaughn/react-virtualized#998
Zack Burt
hi everyone
Can someone take a look at my react-virtualized layout, I'm sure it's designed improperly because cell heights are not being measured properly.
I am brand new to React.js (this is my first project in React) so some of the bad design is attributable to that
I pass measure into the ChatHistoryCell, which passes it into the sub various components who inevitably call it upon componentDidMount
I have basically three major bugs with this.
1) I want it to scroll to the bottom immediately after it loads the first time. Not sure how to do this?
Zack Burt
you'll notice I have this._list.scrollToRow(selectedThread.chat_log.length - 1); in componentDIdUpdate() but it's not working
2) The computed row heights are often dramatically wrong

3) If I resize the width of the window , and then I call these methods:


after the resizing, it looks bad. but then if i scroll out of view, and then back in view, it looks nice and adjusted to the new width

Praying for some help 🙏
Hi, I am using react-virtualized-list for rendering large list. Is there a way to edit a style property for rowRenderer?
Nathan Tomsic
@bvaughn is this project dead?
no still alive, 7 days ago there was an update to yarn
Question: I am using cell measure cache to render a dynamic list. This all works. The problem that I have at the moment is that there is an interaction on the list item, which expands the item. This in affect should move the items down. How do I trigger this kind of action?
I am trying to use an AutoResizer on a Grid, where the column count is tied to the length of a MobX array variable. Without AutoResizer (hardcoded width), my grid properly rerenders with more columns when the MobX array length is increased. However, with AutoResizer, the width is not recalculated. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
Update: If I resize the window after the MobX array is increased, the cells then render
Update: Fixed by setting columnCount in the <AutoSizer /> component.
AutoSizer columnCount={store.dates.length}>
{({ columnCount, width }) => (
<Grid cellRenderer={cellRenderer} columnCount={store.dates.length} ..... )} </AutoSizer>
Nathan Tomsic
@puppeteer701vungle dependabot doesn't count as maintained lol
Ramesh E
Hi, I am using react-virtualized table for rendering large list. Is there a way to edit and save the row/multiple rows? @bvaughn any suggestion please.
hello I'm using react-virtualized Table. is it possible to create a column with cells containing buttons and checkboxes which have actions that update the component state?
Faizan Baig
Hello guys thanks for the awesome work, i am using virtualized list with autosizer and window scroller, the only issue i am facing is that the scroll position is changed whenever i am changing the page, any suggestion how i can persist the scroll position when i navigate the page?
Paul Anthony
Hi folks, just curious if anyone knows of a virtualised solution when using CSS grids. Can react-virtualised handle that, or should I be recreating a grid layout manually when using it.
Jeremy Sykes
Hi everybody, I just wanted to say hello and what I am working on. I came across react-virtualized as it seems like the best choice for navigating large sets of tabular data, but of course Im being asked to do things with it that it might not have been designed for, like smoothly animate row heights on multi-grid tables and drag and drop columns. If anyone has experience with either of these feel free to hit me up. I've had some moderate success with the animation of row heights using requestAnimationFrame, but it's still a little choppy and a work in progress.
Hey guys
that would be great
hi everybody ,how can i hlight the row when i use grid
i want to hover the row and highlight it
Krishna Prasath Solaisamy
Hello! With CellMeasurer and WindowScroller, only 20 out of 100 items have rendered. I believe it has something to do with autoHeight. I made sure,I'm passing the style attribute to the row renderer div. Any one faced the same issue?
Krishna Prasath Solaisamy
The wrapper only renders what's mentioned in the overScanRowCount. If I don't use overScanRowCount, it renders an arbitrary number of list items but not all.
WindwoScroller -> AutoSizer -> List -> Cellmeasurer
Krishna Prasath Solaisamy
I resolved it, I had to give the parent as the windowScroller's scrollElement instead of Window since the List is not the direct child of window