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Mar 2017
Michaël Benesty
Mar 17 2017 10:40
@saudet I understand that the error is generated by the compiler but is is linked in some way to the JNI generated code (the C++ code is working when used alone) and I am not sure to understand what is done by the plugin and what is done by JavaCpp directly...
From what I read, JavaCpp provides much better perf than JNA and if the plugin works as I imagine (write some simple preset, call build and done), this project would deserve a good documentation to be used by as much user as possible. What is really missing is the documentation of the workflow when you are using SBT plugin, right now I am generating the Java file from the Preset and then move it to the correct folder, then recompile. Sure it is not ok, but it seems this bad method should work.
@lloydmeta I thought the same but wanted to go as far as possible without touching to Maven that I hate a lot :-)
Samuel Audet
Mar 17 2017 11:12
Are you saying that using the following line you still get the same exact error?
infoMap.put(new Info("ANNOY_NODE_ATTRIBUTE").cppTypes().annotations())
Michaël Benesty
Mar 17 2017 13:45
not tried yet. I am not home and I have not the code at work
What I am saying is compiling the main header from the C++ project works but compiling the JNI generated related file raise an error when the compiler work on the main header from the C++ project. I am not C++ expert but the generated file seems to break something. Therefore I was wondering if the generated code was correctly compiled, and this raised the question of how to correctly use the plugin. Hope it is more clear :-)