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Feb 2015
Feb 18 2015 17:22
I have started on the splash page for the website. And should be up tonight.
Ryan Batchelder
Feb 18 2015 17:23
Okay, I pushed up some changes to the about page and I’m working on another page to let someone share our site with an email address. Palmer put a lot of focus on collecting data, and this was one of his examples
Ryan Batchelder
Feb 18 2015 17:45
Also, I fixed the form on the about page, there were a couple of small things that were blowing up when it was posting and the data wasn’t getting saved.
Feb 18 2015 18:41
I'm good with keeping this chat room. I'll be doing some work on this project tonight.
I'll have to look at what we have, but if we have data collection handled maybe I'll make a simple contact us form that sends out an email, and work on the HTML/CCS/Content a bit.
Ryan Batchelder
Feb 18 2015 19:51
Sounds good, I made some more content tweaks to what we already had, but there’s still some stuff that we need
Ryan Batchelder
Feb 18 2015 20:40
@EduardoIniguez That splash page looks sweet, I just pushed a tiny change to stop the heading from showing up twice. That was my bad since I was working on the headings on the base page at the same time you were working on the splash page