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Kenneth Bier
I am seeing some weird behavior when rendering pie charts (with other charts on the page in particular).
This message was deleted
Kenneth Bier
it seems to be related to timing and only happens to chart types with arcs. when the page loads quickly (i.e. turning caching on exposes the bug) and a pie chart is on the page, this exception is thrown and all the charts are missing their data points. though the mouse over events and tooltips still work
Kenneth Bier
having loads to close to each other seemed to be causing the issue (even with unload set to true).
My charts dont always render correctly. Sometimes its missing one bar and when refresh it works. Any ideas?? Thanks!
Brett Taylor
Hi, I'm getting a really weird error: "$$.main.select is not a function"
I'm using c3 to generate a very small 20x20 pie chart
It's working in isolation, but within a Vue component, i'm getting "$$.main.select is not a function" when I call chart.load({columns: [...]})
it's happening inside
c3_chart_internal_fn.updateTargetsForText    @    main-99934de582.js:9507
c3_chart_internal_fn.updateTargets    @    main-99934de582.js:6541
c3_chart_internal_fn.load    @    main-99934de582.js:8383
c3_chart_internal_fn.loadFromArgs    @    main-99934de582.js:8407
c3_chart_fn.load    @    main-99934de582.js:12422
(excuse the source line numbers)
Christian Johns
Does anyone have experience configuring arc padding in C3 for donut charts? It looks like D3 defaults to zero, but C3 charts look like they have a little gap between slices in a pie chart and/or between the arcs in a donut.
I don’t see any special padAngle() methods in C3, but I’m a little out of my depth about whether that sort of thing can be modified by CSS.
@xtianjohns open dev tools and check style
Christian Johns
@VoidVolker: is there a specific selector you know of that controls that arc padding? Like I said, I’m no expert on the selectors themselves, but my inspection didn’t turn up anything that seemed like it would control the relationships between the arcs.
Christian Johns
It looks like stroke-width is the selector to look for. If anyone else is interested in eliminating these, finding those elements in the SVG for your component and updating the width to 0 should do the trick.
Christian Johns
stroke-width is the property, rather. You can use whatever selectors you want to target your chart.
Juan Mejia
hi everyone
i have a question about c3 options
¿is there any option to set the Axis X on top the graph, because I am currently setting this with a javascript line, but I'm looking for another form to do this
i tried with css first but, this is set with a transform attribute in the axix X element, and i cant not to set its position with css
@nice00xt I had issues with CSS translatenotations which uses only one dimension (x/y), but regular translate(x, y) works fine. Also inline svg styles are used as default, they don't overlap css-driven rules. The only drawback is the css translate doesn't add to the inline one, so you should provide a full translation, not a partial against current position.
Hey There
I need some help with the bar chart..Is anyone around online now?
I need to have some spaces in between the bars in the above chart..Is there a way to achieve this?
What property could get me that?
Joe Seifi
Is there any way to set a custom legend without using the imperative approach shown here? http://c3js.org/samples/legend_custom.html I'm looking for perhaps setting up a reusable template etc?
Kenneth Bier
is there a simple way to sort tooltips alphabetically rather then by value?
Michael Watson

Tooltip Performance issues. Here is my setup. 2 pie charts and a bar chart — tooltips are really responsive when mouseover. Add a 3rd pie chart to the mix and the third pie chart has really slow lag time when showing tooltip, but other charts still are fast.

Remove one of the other pie charts, and the last chart is fast again. Chrome shows “forced reflow is like performance bottleneck”.

This sound like anything you guys have experienced before?

Tiago Costa
Hi guys
do you know how to render point bullets on top of x-axis if every points have y=0?
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 15.55.03.png
currently the bullets are hidden for 50% by x-axis
as you can see on the screenshot
Jago Kosolosky
Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone knows how I can make a subchart disappear and appear again on a click event. Should be easy but I'm really having trouble figuring it out... http://c3js.org/samples/options_subchart.html
Jago Kosolosky
Managed to do it with jquery but I have to assume there is a better way
Kenneth Bier
i am trying to write my own tooltip, and i am having trouble getting the x offset of each tick
i grab the x attribute off the passed in element to the tooltip position, and i left to x
which should, in theory, align the left edge of the tooltip with the selected x tick
but it does not, and i seems the x value is not precise
is there a better way to get the x offset rather than calling $$.x(some-x-value) ?
Kenneth Bier
ah i've got it i think, i need to add the width/2 from the element passed into, to the x value
I am loading data dynamically from a URL for a stacked chart and to do that I think I need to set the groups. But as this data is loaded dynamically I don't know what the label for the group is up front. There are too many possibilities to set them all. Is it possible to tell c3 to stack the data, no matter what the label/group?
I solved this by calling chart.groups(newGroupsJSON); after each chart.load iteration.
Kenneth Bier
i wrote a custom tooltip and contents fn, and i want a chart to render with the tooltip displaying in the correct position by default.
i pass in init: { show:true, x: 1} but it does not use the position fn i wrote on first render
is i add position: my-position-fn to that map, it fails