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Michael Rodov
pure css + html was my suggestion. glad u made it
Hi. I'm building a timeseries chart. The chart is showing only alternate x axis labels. Is it possible to show values for all X axis points?
Please ignore the above fiddle.
Alexey Okhrimenko
@michaelrodov can force tooltip to slide between values? for example I have two points on a line chart, can I show tooltip for a value in between?
Andrej Rapoport
Hi! How do I get rid of an excess tick on an axis? I set the range max to 100 but it still appends a 110 tick: https://jsfiddle.net/twn1539b/
max: 91 would do the job :-) but I want the code to be semantically correct...
Anirban Bera

HI! I am trying to replicate the exact behavior on the click of any data-point in a C3 chart (refer this plunk https://plnkr.co/edit/hx16Fb3qrEs8eFobvPeN?p=preview ) without writing any custom event handler in onclick property. i.e I don't want to override onclick and don't want to use d3.selectAll.

Can I replicate the same behavior using data.selection properties (or any available properties) and overriding the css classes? somewhat similar approach taken in this fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/AnirbanBera/utzp8mwr/

Anshuman Aggarwal
Any ideas on using c3 with a virtual dom library such as snabbdom...since SVG is basically in the DOM itself
Hello ALl
I am accessing REST API URL in my c3 chart. The data is in JSON format : [{"ID":"000008","time":1495030312895,"col1":72.2,"col2":54.3,"col3":5.6},{"ID":"000008","time":1495030318484,"col1":16.2,"col2":54.3,"col3":0.4},{"ID":"000008","time":1495030323895,"col1":21.1,"col2":54.2,"col3":1.1},{"ID":"000008","time":1495030329683,"col1":75.7,"col2":54.3,"col3":0.7},{"ID":"000008","time":1495030335086,"col1":18.4,"col2":54.3,"col3":0.4},
I want to display timeseries chart with multiple lines . On x-axis: "time" , and each line for "col1","col2" and "col3". How can I achieve this?
Hi...How can I Dynamically keep updating the chart for every 5 min?
I am generating chart using c3. I am accessing Rest API in the c3 chart to load the JSON data. I referred this example http://c3js.org/samples/data_load.html I am trying to load the chart dynamically using load function which gives me Runtime Error this.chart.load is not a function
Isaac Bitrus
hello pple
Hello. Is there a way I can control which of the points are hidden/shown, for instance based on some condition? point.show is all or nothing.
I imagine something like this would be nice:
points: {
    show: function(d) {
        if (<condition>) { return true; }
        return false;
Randall Gonzalez
Hi guys
How can I set two or more legends with the same name in c3?
if I set two with the same name, it will just create one bar.
Hans Jakob Emmel
Hi Guys, I am running the C3 testes but some of them are failing. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong ?
@Ranguro I did not test it but you could set the same name for them, take a look at: http://c3js.org/samples/data_name.html
Yoshiya Hinosawa
@hjemmel how many failures do you see? Do you use windows or mac?
Currently master's npm test passes on my local mac.
If you see many failures, probably something's wrong about settings. If you see a little errors about asserted values, it could be compatibility issues of platforms/browsers.
Hans Jakob Emmel

hey @kt3k I am using mac but the last update from branch master solved the problem here, now all the 277 are passing :smile:

Thanks for the answer :+1:

Yoshiya Hinosawa
hi, is there a way to create a custom order for the tooltip?
hi, i rebased my pull request. But some of the test are failing. everytime i run the test different tests are failing but in the same spec. I couldnt figure it out can someone help me? https://github.com/c3js/c3/pull/1355#issuecomment-157173302
Shivani Gupta
hi! i was wondering if there was a way to add a font to the title of a line chart? i tried googling a lot but i honestly didnt find anything besides doing that for a donut chart using the c3-chart-arcs-title. i tried doing the following in my c3.css file to make it work but they didnt work :(
.c3-lines-title text{
    font-family: 'OptimistLt';

.c3-line-title text{
    font-family: 'OptimistLt';

.c3-line-title {
    font-family: 'OptimistLt';
William Nordmann
How do I edit the title in the center of the donut chart or gauge chart
Shivani Gupta
.c3-chart-arcs-title { font-family: '...'; }
in your c3.css file
Ignacio Baca Moreno-Torres
Edmondo Porcu
Hello everyone, I have a bar chart with grouped bars and I would like to place on top of each bar group another value. I have managed to correctly add the value using a line with 0 stroke-width but it is not centered with respect to the bar groups
hi everyone
i'm having some trouble with a timeseries, xs, grouping chart
it calculates the ymax and change yaxis but the areas dont stack
this happens when i have different xs datas
is it supported with timeseries ?
Hi, can anyone confirm to me that .data.names() is returning {} no matter what?
Misha Manulis
hello, anyone know if it's possible to show html elements in the chart labels? e.g. I'd like to show the degree sign &deg; on the y-axis label
Saad K
Hi everyone,
Does anyone knows if there is a way to get c3 chart object to use in different functions
Hi all, does any1 know, is there an ability in c3 to "show zero values" on bar chart?
Hi all does anyone know how to do custom position for tooltip when we have xs in data?
Hi, can someone please tell me on how to implement "Common Legend for two or more charts on Same Page"
Does anyone know how to get a grouping of nodes selected based on the area a user drags on the chart?