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Jan 2016
Jan 24 2016 14:08
Hello! From every DB solution i tried MarsDB feels superior for my app. I'm building with ionic / angular framework and got everything working so far.. but i can't manage to change the Storage implementation to LocalForage. So far i've included marsdb.localForage.min.js after marsdb.angular.min.js in my <head>. But when i try to call $collectionProvider.defaultStorageManager(LocalForageManager); in my app.config i get a ReferenceError: LocalForageManager is not defined. Any help with this is appreciated, thanks!
Artem Artemyev
Jan 24 2016 16:36
Hi, @Seraph-Design ! All included storages is available in a global variable Mars.Storages. You just need to write $collectionProvider.defaultStorageManager(Mars.Storages.LocalForage). I will include it in a
Also i advice you to upgrade MarsDB to a latest 0.5.8 version. I've fixed some issues.
Jan 24 2016 18:24
Wow, such a simple solution. It just worked! Thank you very much :)