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Vinayak Mehta
Hello world!
Anyone know an HTML table parsing library as good as camelot?
Vinayak Mehta
@lsternlicht HTML table parsing is way more deterministic than PDF table parsing. pandas.read_html works most of the time for me.
Oleg Gavrilov
Hello guys! Can anyone help me out with this, I need to strip the "non breaking space" character from my output, but -strip '\u00a0' doesn't work
any other options I can try?
Deepak Dhaka
Hi Vinayak, i am working on table extraction and camelot is giving me content of one column in a single row, how to handle that.. and it is now working with border less tables.
Hi Vinayak, I'm trying to use camelot but I receive different kinds of error messages. The last error I received was OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument
Dimiter Naydenov
@vinayak-mehta Hey, do you think you'll have time to fix the TravisCI setup for Camelot after yesterday's renaming of the repo to atlanhq/camelot ?
Vinayak Mehta
I'm fixing it today.
Vinayak Mehta
I've fixed the failing tests. Travis now runs on https://github.com/camelot-dev/camelot. We can continue development on there.
Dimiter Naydenov
Awesome! I've some PRs to propose :)
Vinayak Mehta
Camelot v0.7.3 released. This is a bugfix release.
hi Vinayak so i am having an issue in reading tables an exception is appearing "OSError: exception: access violation writing 0x16F3B7B0" could please suggest how to resolve this
Attila Skalina
Hi, by any chance did anyone create a java wrapper for camelot?
Attila Skalina
Also what's the situation with ghostscript having a paid commercial license but camelot itself having MIT license?