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Aug 2015
Aug 21 2015 20:55
Aug 21 2015 20:55

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Ashley Wilkerson
Aug 21 2015 21:44
I have found that working "backwards" helps me
so what I want is for my code at the end to tell me if a word is a palindrome or not so since it either is or isnt I know the return is true if the is a palindrome
Ashley Wilkerson
Aug 21 2015 21:53
next I say how do i determine if a word is a palindrome; I , as a person, would have to look at a word to see is it was the same backwards and forwards, and if its not I move on if its is I say true. so since what I described sounds like a pattern then I know I need to code a system of loops I went with a "for loop" that that did something "if" certian criteria where met.
^^^^after trying the above I went for something simpler on the part were our instrutions are are two "skills" String.replace()
Ashley Wilkerson
Aug 21 2015 21:59
so I tried to figure out how to use a regular expression to solve my problem click the links and search through the answer will come to yu