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Apr 2016
Andrew McKeever
Apr 03 2016 08:11
help check for palindromes
Apr 03 2016 08:11

:point_right: algorithm check for palindromes [wiki]


Our goal for solving this problem is tidying up the string passed in, and checking whether it is in fact a palindrome.

  • If you are unsure of what a palindrome is, it is a word or phrase that when reversed spells the same thing forwards or backwards. A simple example is mom, when you reverse the letters, it spells the same thing! Another example of a palindrome is race car. When we take out anything that is not a character it becomes racecar which is the same spelled forwards or backwards!

Once we have determined whether it is a palindrome or not we want to return either true or false based on our findings.

:pencil: read more about algorithm check for palindromes on the FCC Wiki