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Jul 2016
Jul 18 2016 17:53
I have a problem in bonfire Friendly Date Ranges
Is anyone here?
When I try makeFriendlyDates(["2022-09-05", "2023-09-05"])
I return ["September 5th, 2022","5th, 2023"]
And FCC wants ["September 5th, 2022","September 5th, 2023"]
AND the same time "If the range ends in the same month that it begins, do not display the ending year or month."
And also I have a bug when date1 == date2
I return the right string but fcc doesnt tick that test
Ok I solve the problem when date1==date2
What is the problem with ["2022-09-05", "2023-09-05"]?
Jul 18 2016 18:01
Does the rule about same months doesnt work when date-range is over 1year?