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Oct 2015
Matt Leonard
Oct 25 2015 23:10
code format
formatting code
explain code formatting
Oct 25 2015 23:11

:point_right: code formatting [wiki]

Inline code

alt text

This an inline `<paste code here>` code formatting with a single backtick(`) at start and end around the code.

Code Block

``` ⇦ Type 3 backticks and then press [shift + enter ⏎]

<paste your code here>,
then press [shift + enter ⏎]

``` ⇦ Type 3 backticks, then press [enter ⏎]

See also: ☛ How to type Backticks | ☯ Compose Mode | ❄ Gitter Formatting Basics

:pencil: read more about code formatting on the FCC Wiki