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Repo info
    Viktor Szépe
    Hello Jörg! Flavio does coding, I do questioning :)
    You may use Acme_v2 class https://github.com/candango/automatoes/blob/develop/automatoes/acme.py - AFAIK there is no separate library that can be called "API".
    Flavio Garcia
    the steps will present the raw "Api"
    In your case you'll be doing manuale authorize and manuale issue
    Flavio Garcia
    @jsaedtler You need to:
    create a new order aka manuale authorize
    verify the challenges created by the order
    manuale authorize will stop before that loop to give you the opportunity to make your magic(dns setup or http file creation)
    the test will always go trough because we're using the mock server, peeble
    inside the loop we poke the api to proceed with the check
    we don't validate things in our side....
    If you screw a validation, it is necessary to create a new order
    Flavio Garcia
    usually the successful challenges will be valid, so you must check your challenges
    so I collect the ones to be resolved, after that, we verify
    this is blocking also
    there is a timeout and retry going on, so we block here: https://github.com/candango/automatoes/blob/develop/automatoes/acme.py#L463
    Flavio Garcia
    for your thing you can self.verify_order_challenge(challenge, 0, 0)
    Se the manuale issuewould be:
    use this csr = create_csr(generate_rsa_key(4096), domains) or your thing
    I don't have bugs related to finalize and issuance .... that I remember
    bugs would happen before
    this is fast on Let's encrypt
    Flavio Garcia
    Download the certificate
    So this is the for real on manuale issue
    Flavio Garcia
    Do you think that can help @jsaedtler ?
    @szepeviktor , long time no see....
    The acmev2 will became a client protocol with several transports implementations, blocking requests by default
    Flavio Garcia
    I created a little project called peasant, to mimic the http repetition protection from Letsencrypt on my apis
    my apis are Peasants(clients) and Bastion(Servers) right now
    the Bastion requires the nonce, as Letsencrypt, and I have a knock procedure for agents
    our AutomatoesPeasant just need the nonce in the client from a directory
    no knocks
    just throwing out there....
    Flavio Garcia
    that helps @jsaedtler, do you need further help?