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Mar 2015
Vojtech Prikryl
Mar 01 2015 18:17
btw. StealJs doesn't support gulp?
Vojtech Prikryl
Mar 01 2015 18:30
Marshall Thompson
Mar 01 2015 22:45
@Aldredcz It's Gulp, so you can just use code. Here's an example gulpfile.js. Just change the path names to fit what you want.
var gulp = require('gulp'),
  compilerGulp = require('can-compile/gulp.js'),
  stealTools = require('steal-tools');

// Steal Build / Watch the App
gulp.task('steal-build', function() {{
    main: 'main',
    bundlesPath: '../assets',
    config: 'public/main/stealconfig.js'
});'public/main/**/*.*', ['steal-build']);

// Build / Watch CanJS TEMPLATES
var options = {
  src: ['public/**/*.stache'],
  out: 'public/assets/main.stache.js',
  version: '2.1.3'
compilerGulp.task('main-views', options, gulp);'main-views', options, gulp);

// The default task (called when you run `gulp` from cli)
gulp.task('default', [
Vojtech Prikryl
Mar 01 2015 22:47
@matthewp thanks
wrong highlight, i meant thanks @marshallswain
Marshall Thompson
Mar 01 2015 22:50
You're welcome. The watch mode works quite well this way, but it will be built into Steal in the not-too-distant future.
*from what I've read.