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Mar 2015
Vojtech Prikryl
Mar 04 2015 18:00

Was just diggin in lib files, this is in view/scanner.js:

// Escapes characters starting with `\`.
        clean = function (content) {
            return content

You sure that's the best way how to escape chars in terms of performance?

Matthew Phillips
Mar 04 2015 19:27
where is that?
oh, view/scanner
probably not the best way
i wonder how often this function gets called
but you're right
PRs welcome :)
Justin Meyer
Mar 04 2015 20:36
@Aldredcz you should really switch to stache
@Aldredcz you can check ev.batchNum
var lastBatchNum
bind("EVENT", function(ev){
  if(ev.batchNum === undefined || ev.batchNum !== lastBatchNum) { 
    lastBatchNum = ev.batchNum