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Apr 2015
Sami Pietilä
Apr 01 2015 07:16
@marshallswain thanks, but the component/element is only inserted to the document once and its content/attributes change. Is listening the change of the whole content somehow not a recommended thing to do? I'm trying to find the most "correct" way to do this, but I think I'll solve this with a custom event of some sort.
Marshall Thompson
Apr 01 2015 13:33
It's typical in my projects for the content to be attached to the scope (viewModel) and changes to content will change the viewModel. You may have a use case where that won't work, but I normally try to watch for changes on the viewModel since it is a can.Map.
if you do need to listen to Dom changes, I would think that the inserted event is the place to put your code. If you are using nested Components it might not be that effective.
Justin Meyer
Apr 01 2015 15:38
@smiper yeah, you can use a MutationObserver
alternatively, you can use can-inserted={parentMethod} can-removed="{parentMethod}`
Justin Meyer
Apr 01 2015 15:53
@akagomez asks:
Would wrapping can-click="scopeFn" in an {{#if}} work? Like this... {{#if blah}}can-click="scopeFn"{{/if}}
yes ... it does work
Gerard Finnerty
Apr 01 2015 22:48
Hi, I'm trying to use but I only ever reach the else condition... does this need to be included as a module dependency for the component in order to work if using amd?
{{#is somethingInScope.theAttr "theStringValue"}} Show ME! {{/if}}
Gerard Finnerty
Apr 01 2015 23:34
ah, ok, it was introduced later than the version i was using....