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Apr 2015
Matthew Phillips
Apr 03 2015 15:29
@alexisabril should be able to, at least you can with a Construct
Patrick Clancy
Apr 03 2015 16:38
Anyone have a recommendation for a grid control? I’ve used dataTables and SlickGrid but I’m looking for other alternatives.
Matthew Phillips
Apr 03 2015 18:27
I don't... but if you find one you should wrap it in a Component and release that
Gerard Finnerty
Apr 03 2015 19:27
imo, canjs with a component-driven approach to a data grid would be much more ideal than using a third party data grid solution and fitting it into a canJS app... cause a data grid with live bindings, controls/components and a service layer for CRUD, would be way better than any alternative I've seen out there
Gerard Finnerty
Apr 03 2015 19:36
back when I was using backbone and needed data grids, I played around with and as well as dataTables and SlickGrid, but everything falls short or over complicates and I ended up just building something custom, I wish I had canjs components and two-way binding was a thing back when I was doing heavy data grids
Justin Meyer
Apr 03 2015 19:50
@halcyonandon create a project
make @daffl @matthewp and myself a contributor
and lets build it :-)
set it up like bit-tabs
Gerard Finnerty
Apr 03 2015 20:01
Okay, sounds good, I'll set it up after work today or some time saturday
Apr 03 2015 22:42
how would I go about overloading a custom attribute such as can-value? for example, I want additional code to run when can-value gets hooked up but using can.view.attr() seems to overwrite the original